Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Contact Information

We look forward to hearing from you...

Team Aquaduct
John Lai
Adam Mack
Brian Mason
Eleanor Morgan
Paul Silberschatz
David Janssens

Email us: aquaduct@ideo.com


Sylvio Silveira Santos said...

Dear Friends:
I have noticed about your project Aquaduct and published a comment about it in my Blog, at www.sylvioss.blogspot.com
It's a very nice idea from IDEO!
Prof. S.S.Santos, Brazil

Laharia group said...

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chuck said...

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Goran Jurić said...

The ingenious thing ! Bravo for inovations ! Also a rimainder that for clear water we have work little harder. We must respect the needs of other peoples who are wulnerable due to lack of drinking water. I would by one. I really like this .

Please send me a contakt information and price list.

chimesickle said...


johns leo said...

One of the more important aspects of this program was the repair and renewal of the city's system of aqueducts.

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Robert Singleton said...
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Piyush Sahijwani said...

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